How to travel light

Packing for that long awaited holiday or that last-minute business trip, and finding packing such a hassle? Regardless of the reason, packing to go anywhere is never easy. But fret not, we are with you. Here are a couple of useful tips to help you in your packing endeavours:

1.    Check the season of the country you will be visiting

By this, I mean check the average temperature and weather conditions of the country during your stay. This may sound trivial and obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times people think that winter in some countries means only snow and not rain. Little things like this are capable of dampening your trip if you are not prepared for it. For example, wearing maxi dresses in a rainy season.

2.    Bring your basics

Basics, like simple shirts and tank tops, are perfect for travelling regardless of climate. You can always layer your basics. If the weather is too cold for your liking, wear more layers. Likewise, if it is too warm, shed the extra layers off.

If you do not own basics, then it’s definitely time to hit the malls. For guys, head to Uniqlo for great basics that are cheap and comfy; and for girls, you will find yours at Forever21 at Somerset313.

3.    Limit your footwear

Shoes are often the heaviest thing you can put in your suitcase. Therefore, it is wise to only bring two pairs of shoes on a trip – an easy-to-slip-on, casual pair for leisure purposes and a pair of comfortable, sturdy walking shoes for work. As a rule of thumb, you should wear the heavier pair to save space (and weight!) in your suitcase.

4.    Evaluate your toiletries

It is always best to pack toiletries on a strict need basis. For example, do you really need that massive bottle of body lotion? The answer is most likely to be no. The countries you visit will usually have drugstores that will allow you to pick up whatever you need for a reasonable price.

Also, you can check with your travelling partner. If he/she is bringing the toothpaste, you can omit it from your list and bring something else to share the load. That way, both of you can save on luggage space and weight.

A tip from my own flying experience: bringing dry shampoo is a must. Dry shampoo lets you get rid of “plane-hair” fast and is handy for freshening up quickly. These can be found in the hair care sections in Watson’s. However, remember to check them in as aerosol sprays are not permitted in hand carried bags.

5.     Never ever forget spare underwear  

This is of vital importance and will save you inconvenience. It may seem an obvious thing to remember but believe me, it happens more often than I’d like.

Of course, always be sure you bring the right pieces to go with your clothes. If you’re bringing a lot tighter pieces, watch out for visible lines that can be so offputing.
In my years of flying back and forth between countries, I find that these tips have helped me greatly in terms of packing light and most importantly, saving space in my luggage for shopping! I hope you will find this tips as useful and apply them to your own packing.

About the Author: Aileen Bak, an undergraduate doing a double major in Law and Japanese, is also an aspiring fashion designer and stylist. She wishes to eventually have her own very exclusive by-appointment-only boutique. In the meantime, she focuses on enriching herself in all areas of cosmetology possible. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge pertaining to fashion and beauty with people.

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