Quotient TravelPlanner

Founded by a team of seasoned lovers from all walks of life, including writers, legal practitioners and engineers, Quotient TravelPlanner is a bespoke travel boutique that specialises in customising unique itineraries for your dream vacation.  

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Best for your Travel Buck

Best_for_your_Travel_BuckThe economy might have shrunk but holidays are still a must as a reward for all the hard work done throughout the year. So here are some tips to squeeze the most out of your travel buck!

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Amazing Bali

1Bali is one place that you should not miss out when going for a breath-taking vacation during a long weekend. By taking a direct flight from Singapore, you can easily reach the land of Bali in roughly 2.5 hours.

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Taiwan’s Homestay Inns

1Most of travelers, in general, would look for a hotel that is reputable, safe, and near to town, which makes it more accessible for them to do their shopping – a famed aspect of touring Taiwan.

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A day trip to Pulau Pengerang

1If you have ever been to Pulau Ubin through the bumboat services located at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, you would have noticed another departure gate as well as a long registration table that indicates its destination: Pulau Pengerang. 

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