2 Weeks in Western Australia

When my friends heard that I was going to go to Western Australia for 2 weeks, I kept hearing endless comments like “Perth is boring!”, “There’s nothing to do there”. However, my experience with Western Australia is really beautiful, and the 2 weeks wasn’t nearly enough for me.

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An Insider’s Guide to Melbourne: The Good Food Edition

Every city in Australia has its own unique character. That’s easy to say, but it’s hard to actually describe, until you get the opportunity to visit for a little while.

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Mystical Tibet

By Hoh Yu Li & Chua Wei Zhen

Tashi Delek! ("Good Day!")

This was the first Tibetan word we learnt from our Tibetan guide. Contrary to popular beliefs, travelling to this forbidden land is not difficult but it is not your usual independent backpacking trip either. At a minimum, a permit and a guide is required, and if you travel out of Lhasa, a car and a driver too. All these must be arranged via a local tour agency beforehand.

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Spain: Of Shapes and Spaces

By Nicole Ow Yeong

Located Southwest of Europe and to the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, Spain is one of the most popular and sought after tourist locations in Europe.

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Shopping Guide to Seoul

Korea is often looked upon as Asia’s leading fashion country but there are simply far too many shopping areas in Korea to mention each and every one of them. However, here are some of the must-visit shopping areas that cater more to young adults.

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