Hidden Alleys in Taipei's Night Markets

Hidden Alleys in Taipei's Night Market (FreshGrads)

I have always known that night markets are an essential part of the Taiwan experience. After all, everyone comes back from the peninsula laden with extra calories from the good food. And with that in mind, I started on my own discovery of Taipei’s night markets.

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Switzerland on a Shoestring

Despite being geographically situated among the European Union (EU) countries, Switzerland is the only European country that is independent of the supranational organisation. For this reason, they continue to use their own currency (Francs) and enjoy a very stable currency.

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9 Tips on Bargaining Overseas

Always wondered how your girlfriends get such good deals while shopping overseas? Well, it takes some skills and practice, so don't beat yourself up for "losing out". Here are nine tips to prepare yourself for the challenging task!

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Macau – Of Cultures and Casinos

To say that East meets West in Macau may seem a well-worn cliché, except that, well, it’s perfectly true. In fact, Macau can – perhaps more so than any other Asian city with a colonial past – proudly lay claim that honour. Cobbled walkways that still bear delightful Portuguese names are a clear indication that its European roots remain firmly entrenched in this small island territory.

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How to travel light

Packing for that long awaited holiday or that last-minute business trip, and finding packing such a hassle? Regardless of the reason, packing to go anywhere is never easy. But fret not, we are with you. Here are a couple of useful tips to help you in your packing endeavours:

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