Cookin' Nanta

First launched in Korea in 13 years ago, Cookin' Nanta has made its rounds about the world in countries, such as UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria, the Netherlands, and now Singapore. After its international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received an award for best performance, the immensely popular even did an one and a half year run at New York's Broadway.

Nanta, which means "to strike relentlessly" in Korean, is an energetic musical, dance and comedy of a performance that takes non-verbal communication to the next level. The performance combines traditional Korean percussion performance Samulnori with dynamic acrobatic movements and drama to create an entertaining show of body movements and facial expressions alongside the soothing rhythmic beat of kitchen instruments.

The story begins with in the lives of a typical day of three cooks – Head Chef, Sexy Chef and Hot Sauce – as they prepare in the kitchen. But alas, their routine is disrupted by the ill-tempered manager who demand they prepare the food for a wedding by 6pm that day. To add on to the challenge, they were to coach his young Nephew to cook. However, audience participation – weaved into the storyline – is often solicited so go prepared for some fun involvement!

Prices range from an affordable $28 to $98 for close-up action.

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