Carnival Sea-esta

Pay like a child and play like a child! That's exactly what we did last weekend at the Underwater World's Carnival Sea-esta.

From now until 2 Jan 2011, adults will be jumping for joy as they need only pay children's admission fees ($14.60) to the Dolphin Lagoon – a great reason for all of us to revisit that distant childhood memory. What's more, proceeds of game coupons at booths set up by the lagoon will go to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

On a random Saturday, my friends and I skipped down to the Underwater World and met with our long-lost marine friends like the amazing mimic octopus, dangerous-looking jelly fishes, gigantic manta ray, creepy garden eels and many more!

Some snippets of what we saw:



Walking on and after going through the nostalgic tunnel tanks, we emerged out to the Dolphin Lagoon. There weren't performances then so we took a quick break for lunch and played some games at the booths while waiting for the next seals show at 2.30pm.

The games at the booths were old-school simple hit-the-target games but it was fun playing non-electronic games for a change.



No thanks to the bad weather, we did not manage to catch the performance in the end. However, we had a great time watching the playful pink dolphins swimming in the lagoon. Who knows? We might be back again! But this time, we will check the schedule before heading down.

Meet-the-Dolphins and Fur Seals LIVE! Programme Schedule:
11am: Meet-the-Dolphins session
2.30pm: Fur Seals LIVE! and Photo-taking
3.30pm: Meet-the-Dolphins session
5pm: Fur Seals LIVE! and Photo-taking
5.45pm: Meet-the-Dolphins session

Underwater World Singapore
80 Siloso road
Singapore 098969

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Telephone (65) 6275 0030

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