Singapore Brass Explosion! 2011

Singapore Brass Explosion! 2011 kicks off on 27th to 30th May with over 40 world-class brass musicians from Europe, USA and Asia, such as David Childs, James Gourlay, Scott Hartman, Paul Archibald and the Virtuoso Horn Duo, Kerry Turner and Kristina Mascher.

One festival highlight include the Eras of Swing – an open-air concert at the Botanic Gardens on 29 May – which features a repertoire of popular music by bands, Desford Colliery Band (UK), Singapore 'All Stars' Big Band and Festival Sax Ensemble. Admission is free for all. On top of a great variety of performances by the pros, there will also be workshops and master classes by some of the finest music teachers from all over the world for those eager to learn.

The Singapore Brass Explosion! 2011 will then end off with a gala concert at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, featuring big-time performers like jazz king James Morrison and world-acclaimed band, Desford Colliery Band. Tickets go at $20 apiece or $50 (includes two beers) and could be purchased online via Sistic.

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