2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix

No, we haven't made a mistake… the 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix is not until September but get geared up for the excitement and book now to enjoy the best seats at the Republic, the Esplanade Waterfront, Padang and Bay Grandstands!

Those familiar with the annual F1 grand prix event will know that the event is not just about race action but also a three-day long carnival featuring artistes and entertainers from all over the world including world-renowned DJs, aerial theatrical performers and top freestyle stunt bikers.

The event would attract even those uninterested in racing for its parties and concerts. Last year off-track entertainment had hot shots such as Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Adam Lambert and Daughty flown over for some great performances at its outdoor concert stage.

Fans who purchase four or more tickets in one sitting can enjoy savings up to 10% and up to 16% with at least eight tickets. Prices are between SGD168 and SGD1288, and timings for the three-day event at the Marina Bay Street Circuit are as follows: 23 Sept 6pm to 11pm; 24 Sept 7pm to 11pm; and 25 Sept at 8pm.

For those who still find the prices too steep, there are plenty of opportunities to win attractive prizes including a trip for two to the grand prix worth over USD10,000 and exclusive Singapore GP race merchandise at the World's Biggest F1 Fan 2011 contest here!

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