How to Ace your Interviews

How_to_Ace_your_InterviewsKnow your strengths but clueless how to put it across to your interviewers? Or do interviews make you stutter and sweat? Learn how to best present yourself at that job interview for your dream job, gaining both the capability and confidence in this workshop organised by JobsCentral.

With the help of Ms Diana Jean (DJ) Reyes, facilitator and coach at Positive Keystone with several certifications from both Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as coaching experience for multinational organisations all over the world including Singapore and Japan, How to Ace your Interviews will equip the jobseeker with practical tips, tricks and strategies for a smooth transition as a potential candidate to a successful application.

From application for your dream job to what to wear for the interview, to answering questions during the interview and following up after that, participants will get both the knowledge and practice for that important interview. So, don't risk it, sign up now!

Date: 19 May 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 9am - 1pm
Price: SGD45
Venue: To be confirmed

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