Wynners 38 Anniversary World Tour 2011

WynnersIf you are a fresh graduate, it is likely that you grew up listening to your parents enjoying the songs by Hong Kong's most popular Cantopop band, Wynners. Even for the non-Chinese, you might have heard a couple of their classic tunes frequently played on radio.

Now, you get to relive the good old times with your parents or your peers for all five members are coming together to celebrate their 38th anniversary with fans over at Resorts World Convention Centre on 26 November 2011 (Saturday) at 8pm.

Years may have crept by, but the performers are still energetic and able to belt out their memorable songs as if in the good old days. Not only will the group perform their classic numbers, each will have a solo segment. They will also be presenting a medley of classic Canto-rock songs and popular hits of other artistes as a tribute to the Hong Kong band scene. Tickets go at $198, $168, $138, $118 and $88, and fans may purchase them on Sistic.

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