Cartier Time Art

Cartier_Time_ArtFrom 14 December 2011 to 12 February 2012, the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands hosts the first Cartier Time Art exhibition in Asia, an exhibition that will shed light on the history of the luxury timepieces as well as intricacies of Cartier watchmaking.

From one of its earliest creations of a chatelaine-watch in yellow gold, pink gold, enamel and pearls from 1874 to the intriguing mystery watches to the Cartier ID One watch in niobium-titanium, the Cartier Time Art exhibition shows of its watchmaking history from 1853 when Cartier Maison sold its first watches from the romantic Paris to present day.

12 Cartier movements, 17 Fine Watchmaking timepieces and the unique Cartier ID One concept watch will be displayed with explanations at this exhibition so visitors may understand and admire the designs and reasons behind each creation that combines aesthetic and technical innovations. Cartier has always been recognized for its style and elegance, but it is only at this exhibition that its innovations will be given the limelight for once.

So, head down to this timeless exhibition and get armed with knowledge – be it for your own interest or for conversations with your Cartier-loving client or boss!

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