Kumar's Amazing Race

Kumars_Amazing_RaceCatch one of Singapore's funniest men, Kumar, at the Esplanade Theatre from 22 Feb 2012 to 25 Feb 2012. 

Written by Ben "Mr Miyagi" Lee and directed by Selena Tan, the Kumar's Amazing Race reveals all things Indian from Taj Mahal Heroes to the invention of the number "zero", from Aryuvedic Cures to Bollywood Scores, from Moneylender Loans to Call Centre Phones and from Old Ramayana Tales to New Turban Males.

The funnyman will also be sharing his experience as one of the eight per cent population in Singapore – or otherwise known as the "ah bu ne ne". The queen stands up for his fellow Indians all over the world while making us roll on the floor in laughter and perhaps become a little more tolerant of races other than ours.

A re-run of last year's performance back only by popular demand, there will only be five runs of Kumar's Amazing Race this year so hurry up put on your running shoes and get down to Sistic before the race is over again. Showtimes are on Tuesday to Thursday at 8pm and Friday at 7pm, plus a Special Late Night show at 10pm. Ticket prices range between SGD45 to SGD90 and can be purchased online at the Sistic website or at any of its physical counters.

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