The first of its kind in Singapore, gourmet food event SAVOUR aims to unite the finest food and drink with an array of master classes, demonstrations, workshops and culinary shopping opportunities.

The event, which runs from 30 March 2012 through 1 April 2012, may be broken into three parts: Gourmet Village, Gourmet Market and Gourmet Auditorium. At the alfresco Gourmet Village will be 15 celebrity chefs, including Alain Passard, Virgilio Martinez Veliz, Chan Kwok, Emmanuel Stroobant and Gunther Hubrechsen, presenting their restaurants as well as signature creations. Visitors may use their Savour dollars to fill their tummies.

At the 5,000sqm air-conditioned Gourmet Market, one may sample hundreds of quality food products by artisan and specialty exhibitors from all over the world. There are also several workshops including cocktail-making, coffee appreciation, wine-tasting and cooking demonstrations for one to partake in.

For those looking at meeting their favourite celebrity chefs, you don't want to miss the cooking master classes at the Gourmet Auditorium. Some classes in the making are Le Cordon Bleu Masterclass by Franck Bruwier and Celebrity Chef Masterclass by Emmanuel Stroobant.

A SGD40 ticket grants you entry for the afternoon session while the SGD60 ticket, the evening session. Either ticket gives you access to all three areas, Gourmet Village, Gourmet Market and Gourmet Auditorium, and includes 21 and 30 Savour dollars respectively for you to taste your full at the Gourmet Village, enjoy drinks at the bars or purchase produce at the Gourmet Market.

What's more, access to all complimentary public masterclasses, workshops and demonstrations are also included in the ticket price. However, they are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, so hurry up now and get your tickets from Sistic!

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