Stories Behind Singapore Streets

Stories_Behind_Singapore_StreetsEver wondered why Victoria Street is named as such? Come down to there – at the National Library – this weekend to find out for yourself at the Stories Behind Singapore Streets exhibition.

On top of identifying locations, street names often tell the history, geography, politics, heritage and culture of the country as well as the area is is demarcating. For example, some streets are dedicated to the prominent personalities that once lived there. The British-sounding ones are likely to be imprints of our colonised past too.

Altogether, over 100 street names are featured at the exhibition, including those from the 14th and 15th century, pre-Raffles Singapore, the Raffles Town Plan and the post-colonial period after Singapore's independence in 1965. Artefacts such as maps, photographs and old street signs will be displayed to help There are also a video on ten unusual street names such as Kay Poh road, Rotan Lane and One Tree Hill.

The exhibition runs through June 29 and admission is free. So don't miss the chance to find out more about Singapore streets and head down now!

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