The Art of the Brick

Most of us would have stopped playing with our beloved sets of LEGO bricks when we hit our teenage years, but not New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya. The man showcases his collection of 52 large-scale LEGO sculptures for the first time in South East Asia at The ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

More than just the usual figurines, Sawaya employs thousands and thousands of LEGO bricks for thought-provoking work such as a 6-metre long T-rex dinosaur, as well as an impressive LEGO sculpture of our iconic museum.

The Art of the Brick has been given the accolades as one of CNN's 12 "Must-see Exhibitions" while the artist has won the "Most Creative Unusual Artist" award from the Society of Unique Artists. Sawaya has exhibited at MASS MoCA in Massachusetts, Time Warner Center in New York, the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, the Spot Gallery in Paris and the Federation Square in Melbourne.

Tickets to The Art of the Brick at The ArtScience Museum range from SGD8 to SGD18, and may be purchased at the ArtScience Museum website below.

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