Hello Shibuya Tokyo

If you are a fan of all things Japan or simply a fashionista, you wouldn't want to miss the Hello Shibuya Tokyo Fashion and Culture Mix Show 2013.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Program, the event aims to introduce new brands into the ASEAN market through the cooperation of domestic and overseas organisations under which there are the three themes of incubation, local cooperation and inbound contributions to Shibuya.

Visitors may expect Japanese fashion and culture in collaboration with local artiest like max.tan and :plunk studios in the form of over 20 fashion brands and cultural goods pop-up stores, a fashion show, an art exhibition of artists from the Japanese annual cultural festival, Shibukaru Matsuri, and many more.

Admission is free for this 17-day show and is held at the Main Atrium, Level 1 at Plaza Singapura. The event ends on 10 Mar 2013 so hurry down now!

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