8 Women

Get on the journey to understand the female's psyche, be it seduction, love, hate, resentment, anger, despair, tenderness and jealousy at the SOTA Drama Theatre this March.

Right before Christmas, in a country mansion far away in France in the 1950's, there lives a man surrounded by eight women: his strong handsome wife (Tan Kheng Hua), his spinster sister-in-law Serene Chen, his miserly mother-in-law (Neo Swee Lin), French chambermaid (Morgane Stroobant), Indian housekeeper (Daisy Irani), the prim and proper elder daughter (Sophie Wee), the playful younger daughter (Julia Abueva), and his own sister (Kimberly Creasman). When he is found dead in his home isolated from the outside world, the suspicions can only fall on the ladies.

The murder mystery adapted from Catherine Deneuve's movie of the same name is staged in line with the International Women's Day on 8 March 2013 and will have you guessing who the murderer is till the very end.

Tickets range between SGD50 to SGD60, and may be purchased at any Sistic outlets or online at its website (link below).

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