Beerfest Asia 2015: Eat, Drink and Be Merry Like You're in Valhalla

beerfest asia 2015
If you have ever wondered what the awesome beer halls of Valhalla is like, and would like to experience it without having to die in a Viking battle, you are in for a heavenly treat this month. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a hall where the god Odin houses the worthy who died in combat, and their nights are filled with feasting, merrymaking and a never ending supply of beer. This June, an event worthy enough to be compared to the nights of Valhalla is coming to us – enter Beerfest Asia 2015.
Singapore's premier beer festival – Beerfest Asia 2015 is back again from 25 - 28 June 2015 at Marina Promenade in its seventh instalment, with tickets starting from as low as $15. See sales of tickets here. Do take note that only attendees 18 and above are allowed into the festival. Children are only allowed into the festival on Sunday, 28 June 2015. For beer enthusiasts, this is the ultimate opportunity to experience what a night in Valhalla is like with more than 400 over different beers to sample at Beerfest Asia 2015.
beerfest asia 2015
New product highlights at this year's event include Chaoying Company which is one of the latest exhibitors taking part in Beerfest Asia for the first time. Their Flensburger beers from Germany are highly sought after. The beers are brewed with water that originates from the North Scandinavian undergound glacier flow. The bottles open with a satisfying “plop” sound that has long become the Flensburg tardemark and stands for unique freshness and good taste. Choose between the Flensburger Dunkel – a fine bitter, fresh and rich dark beer, or the Flensburger Gold – a rich-tasting mild beer with a sophisticated hint of hops, brewed with light caramel malt.
Our very own local craft cider distributor, The Mad Trapper, is also making its debut at this year's event with real ciders made with juice from fresh fruits. These include the Revival Hard Apple, which is a semi-dry sparkling hard cider made from premium apples, grinded and cold-pressed, and the Hallelujah Hopricot, which is a complex concoction of flavors, ranging from apples, Belgian saison yeast and witbier 8 spices (coriander, bitter orange peel, seeds of paradise, star anise), Oregon grown Cascade hops and a splash of apricot juice. Is that does not cause a party on your tongue, I don't know what else would.
beerfest asia 2015
Another debutant is BeerCellar Asia which will be promoting its range of Veltins beers from Germany. Veltins is ranked third among Germany's best-selling premium breweries with its Pilsner (available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions) and its premium Grevensteiner Original. The Veltins Pilsner is a bright golden yellow beer with a mixture of aromas that are hoppy, spicy, slightly malty, sweet and refreshing. The Veltins Grevensteiner Original is a naturally cloudy beer that looks rustic and traditional – it is amber and cloudy with a lasting head, smells delicious and dull-bodied due to the nutty flavor of the malt.
A returning exhibitor, East of Avalon Wines, will be proudly showcasing the Iron Trooper Maiden, a British ale developed by Bruce Dickinson himself, who is the lead singer of Iron Maiden and a lifelong fan of traditional ale – handcrafted at the Robinsons Brewery in the United Kingdom.
beerfest asia 2015
We are all familiar with Singapore's weather and how it tends to get a little bit humid, and even with the well ventilated marquee tents at Beerfest Asia 2015, you might crave for something to cool you down. The ABK Rose by Wunderbar LLP with its concoction of light ABK Beer and organic lemonade with a 100% natural rose color is an excellent choice to combat the sweltering heat.
Check out the extensive full range of beers guaranteed to suit everyone's palates here. You will be spoilt for choice at Beerfest Asia 2015. With so many delicious beers being offered, you may be worried about not being able to try as many as you would like without passing out. But a solution has been made to rectify that problem. Tasting portions of beer will be available at Beerfest Asia 2015 for the first time for a nominal price of just between $1 - $3. Festival goers will receive a plastic sampling cup that they can reuse to purchase tasting portions (50ml/70ml) from different exhibitors. So go ahead and get crazy sampling from 400 different beers!
beerfest asia 2015
Harry's is the Offical Food Partner at Beerfest Asia 2015, and you can look forward to pairing your beers with their yummy culinary offerings such as Harry's Signature Wings, Fish Cracklings (cripsy fish skin tossed with secret spice mix), Harry's Beer Battered Fish & Chips and more.
The reason why Beerfest Asia has garnered international recognition drawing over 30,000 participants (both locals and foreigners) from last year's event is not only from its voluminous range of beers, it is due to their amazing entertainment line-up too.
beerfest asia 2015
Party revelers at Beerfest Asia 2015 can look forward to rocking out to more than 18 bands including tribute acts such as Lez Zeppelin – an all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute band from New York City, and Welcome to the Machine – a Pink Floyd tribute band. Our local musical talents will also be prominently featured during the four-day event, one of which includes an all girl four-member Singaporean band, Rock Rosettes, who will be performing original rock songs and rock covers with a feminine and edgy sound reminiscent of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Others musicians on the bill include Sweatshop Jam, New Stream bras Band, Raw Earth, The Day Trippers and many more.
Beerfest Asia 2015 provides a holistic experience for the casual social drinkers as well as the hardcore beer connoisseurs. Visitors can also stand a chance to win prizes when they participate in exciting games and festival activities during the four days of festivites.
beerfest asia 2015
Valhalla might be a mythological place, but everything awesome about it is manifested in Beerfest Asia 2015. Bring your inner beast and chug beers like a victorious Viking.
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