5 Reasons Why People Kiss When The Clock Strikes Midnight Ringing in the New Year

new year kiss
As the clock strikes midnight, many of us will turn to our significant other for a New Year's kiss. Some might even lock lips with a sexy stranger they have just been partying with. We don't really know why we do it, we just do it anyway for tradition's sake, but finally here are the reasons behind that smooch.
1. The Romans Started It
new year kiss
The Romans put the “rom” in “romance”, so it comes to no surprise that they played a huge part in modern romantic traditions. Back in 8th Century BC, the ancient Romans held the Festival of Saturnalia in mid-December. Saturn was an agricultural god, so naturally his festival got pretty serious with the widespread upending of social norms — lavish feasts for slaves, extra liberation for women, illicit gambling openly permitted, and etc. Roman philosopher Seneca The Younger described the festivities in a letter to a friend. He wrote, "Loose reins are given to public dissipation," which is Ancient Roman for, "Dude, come over, there are naked people on my lawn." But, long story short, scholars believe a midnight kiss and more were a part of the Saturnalia celebrations, and the kiss lives on till today!
2. Ward Off Evil Spirits
new year kiss
The Renaissance was a time of opulent masquerade balls. The masks party-goers wore symbolized the evil spirits and vice of the previous year. At midnight, the masks were removed and kisses were the purifying force that would banish the aforementioned evil and kick off the new year with a clean slate. Because nothing else scares off evil spirits than a good face sucking.
3. Strengthen a Budding Romance
new year kiss
English and German folklore doubled down on this tradition by suggesting that a midnight kiss could strengthen a budding romance. Even if you set aside the superstitions, grabbing someone who is into you and kissing them with a fiery passion as fireworks illuminate the night sky is one of the most romantic and thrilling thing one can do in a relationship, which naturally will lead to more fireworks of the heart.
4. Avoid Being Forever Alone
new year kiss
It is also discovered in English and German folklore that not kissing someone at midnight on New Year's would result in a lonely and loveless year to come. So this New Year's Eve, go out, grab somebody sexy and tell them, “hey, give me everything tonight, I want all of you tonight.”
5. Just Because
new year kiss
Ringing in the new year with your significant other points to a great year spent with him/her, and a kiss could be a symbol of hope for better things to come in the new year. Just living to see another year pass is as great a milestone as it is going to get too, so even if you don't have a romantic partner, you may want to live it up this night, YOLO and kiss someone you don't know or have always liked to. Regardless if you are kissing with a deep meaning, just for fun or not at all, revel in the new year, get drunk on life itself and live it up for 2017!
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