Meet the Crafters 2019: Spend an Artisanal Day with Talented Crafters and Amazing Food on 6 April

meet the crafters
Meet the Crafters is back and it’s bigger than ever! Join us as we celebrate our amazing local crafters, designers and entrepreneurs at the Hive Lavender on April 6 2019. Come down for day of interactive workshops, marketplace and food!
Meet the Crafters 2019 is an exhibition & marketplace event to showcase the talents of local crafters, designers and entrepreneurs. At the Hive, we strongly believe in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and Meet the Crafters is one such way. The 7-hour event will take place at the Hive Lavender, a beautiful co-working space catered towards creatives, and serves to inspire all who come by to work and create.
meet the crafters
The Hive Lavender’s Cafe Lounge will be transformed into an exhibition hall and marketplace, while the MakerHive space at the back will serve as the main area for workshops held throughout the day. The natural colours of wood and abundant presence of potted plants throughout the space will bring to the event a fresh air of creativity.
What to Expect:
meet the crafters
meet the crafters
Attendees will be welcomed by a reception booth, where they will be checked in and given coupons for a free drink to those who have purchased a ticket. A selection of great beverages and food will greet them as they enter the space, all through the courtesy of our participating F&B partners.
From the hours of 10 am to 5 pm, our participating crafters, artisans, and designers will be exhibiting a selection of their prized works and products & sharing the stories behind their creations.
meet the crafters
meet the crafters
Workshops relating to journaling, embroidery, wood-working, and book-binding, will be held at different time slots as the day progresses, providing our attendees with an all-round interactive experience.
Exhibition and Marketplace Details:
meet the crafters
Each of the participating crafters will be showcasing their creations and products at a dedicated booth, all of whom have an ingrained passion for crafting and designing.
Here is a list of the fantastic line-up :
When : Saturday, 6 April 2019
Time : 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Where : 6F Vanguard Campus 1 Kallang Junction Singapore 339263

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