Earth Hour 2010

earth hour 2010
In Paris, the Eiffel Tower goes noir. In Athens, the Acropolis immerses in darkness. And here in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer stops spinning and the Merlion rests for an hour this Saturday at 8.30pm.

Not just iconic landmarks but also households, offices and malls in over 1,500 cities in 80 countries around the globe have pledged to support Earth Hour this year.

Earth Hour is an initiative by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change. The movement first begun in Sydney where 2.2 million residents, businesses and households of the city switched off non-essential lights for an hour. This quickly sparked off a following in other cities including Singapore.

According to the Energy Market Authority (EMA), electricity consumption went down by 42 megawatts, which is equivalent to 420,000 hundred-watt light bulbs switched off, in Singapore during Earth Hour last year.

But beyond switching off as a solution, Earth Hour more importantly makes a statement. The organisation hopes to spur people to make a conscious choice in reducing their energy consumption.

Every one person can make a difference. We can all take part in dampening the damage we cause to our environment by:

1. Signing up for Earth Hour 2010 at;
2. Make a resolution to commit to long-term efforts in reducing their impact on the environment and/or;
3. Switch off their lights for an hour on 27 March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Together at the Esplanade Park, see Singapore's skyline plunge into darkness on 27 March at 8.30pm this year. Lending their star power to hype up this meaningful event are also favourite local celebrities, including Utt, Hady Mirza, Denise Keller and Jamie Yeo; some of whom will be making dazzling public appearances at the Esplanade Park for the big switch off with special performances.

As Earth Hour supporter Jo Soh aptly puts it: "Join me on the 27 March, to switch off lights for a brighter future." Let's all do our part, switch off our lights for a brighter future.

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