Wake Up Happy

The worst way to start your day is a rude awakening from your terribly frustrated mom, or a teary you begging for just five more minutes of sleep. Why go through that? Try these tips to waking up energised and happy!

The First Thing You See

Waking up to see something you love would instantly create positivity. It would be hard to fall back into a bad mood then, wouldn't it? Place loved objects such as a picture of your crush or partner by your bed, a vase of fresh flowers, or simply a pretty dress you just bought the day before.

Rise and Shine

Let the sunlight into your room. The rays naturally stimulates your brain and gently tells you it is time to wake up. This can be done with some semi-heavy curtains. Be sure not to simply leave your shades up... you wouldn't want to wake up bathed in direct heat of the sun!


Your body temperature drops during the night as you enter into deep slumber. Moving about raises your body temperature and gets the blood circulation going, especially that to your brain.

Work Out

Once you get into the habit of stretching, you could go further and do a wee bit of exercise. Research has also shown that people who work out in the morning are more alert and energetic for the rest of the day for they have their adrenaline pumping. As we all know by now, exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good too.


Remember how our parents got us to pack our bags the night before so we don't miss anything or have to rush in the morning? The same thing applies now. The last thing you want to do when you are groggy in the morning is to force yourself to make decisions, even seemingly minor ones like what to bring or what to wear.


Last by not the least, have a good fuss-free breakfast. You need fuel for energy and an enjoyable breakfast will kickstart that wonderful day you are going to have! 

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