Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010
After a successful debut last year, the Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) will be back on March 13 at The Float @Marina Bay in 2010. Tickets sales for the award ceremony and concert is now available at all Sistic outlets. Artistes attending come from all over the world and include Eason Chan, S.H.E. and Jay Chou.

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It's Complicated

It's Complicated, directed by Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday), is an example of an average romantic comedy made successful with a charming cast.

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iPad: Hits and Misses

Less than a week after the iPad was launched, all technology magazines and websites are buzzing with articles and discussions on the new device. In fact, less than a day after it was launched, there are already puns and spoof videos circulating around.

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Chinese New Year is here as well as the season for festive mass meals like hot-pots and yusheng. But unlike in the recent past, families that traditionally dine at home have taken to restaurants for a fuss-free reunion dinner. FreshGrads checks out JPot at VivoCity as a choice for the yearly reunion dinner.

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Have A Little Faith

At all major bookstores

Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom is essentially a tale of two men of different faiths and from different backgrounds. The writer of international best sellers, 'Tuesdays with Morrie' and 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven', expertly weaves together the lives of two men and their worlds - one a Christian, another Jewish - with interesting stories and analogies, snippets of wisdom as well as his own honest thoughts.

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