Slovenia – understated charm underrated serenity

It was tough making Slovenia part of my travel plans.

After all, few has ever heard of this small eastern European country nestled between Austria and Italy. But my penchant for taking the off-beaten track and the mind-blowing pictures I saw made me determined to set foot there.

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I'm Full of Crab Competition

How much do you love our unofficial national dish, the Chilli Crab? This weekend, get serious with your love for crabs by signing up for the "I'm Full of Crab!" crab-eating competition, jointly organised by HungryGoWhere and the Square restaurant.

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Clash of the Titans


Clash of the Titans was a highly anticipated movie, with a rich dose of Greek mythology, good old sword-wielding action scenes and a pretty good cast. Couple this with a fantastic trailer, and you will get flocks of eager moviegoers. FreshGrads joined the fanatic excitement at the box office to tell you if you should give it a go, or to miss it completely.

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The French Stall

The French Stall did it again. The fuss-free French restaurant that can be likened to the French equivalent of Botak Jones is now closer to home for lucky residents in Ubi. Only this time, it is bigger and better in both service and space.

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iPhone OS 4 Unveiled

Shortly after the hype with bigger-sized iPad, Apple unveils the iPhone OS 4. The latest generation of the iPhone will have several notable new features including multitasking, Game Center, enhanced Mail, remote device management Enterprise, iBooks, App folders, tap to focus when recording video and photos, a 5x digital zoom for the camera and more.

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