Paulaner Brauhaus


Pork knuckles topped with sauerkraut, an array of grilled sausages, salads, cheese, ham and cakes… I can almost wax lyrical about it. And have I already mentioned the beers? FreshGrads brings you the wonderful Sunday brunch at the Paulaner Brauhaus – a great reason to get out of bed on a sleepy weekend.

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Nintendo Announces 3DS

The popularity of 3D films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland caused a wave not only in the film industry but they have also shown the way to opportunities ripe for pickings in the video games sector.

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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Because we all love ice-cream!

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Earth Hour 2010

earth hour 2010
In Paris, the Eiffel Tower goes noir. In Athens, the Acropolis immerses in darkness. And here in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer stops spinning and the Merlion rests for an hour this Saturday at 8.30pm.

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How would a Malaysian chain serving Cantonese cuisine fare? Would it be up to the mark or would it stay "Malaysia Truly Asia"? FreshGrads was recently attracted by the cleverly placed Steamed Pig Buns advertisements in ION and checks Canton-i out…

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