MAAD Market: 2 Jan - 3 Jan 2010

Begin your year with the Market of Artists & Designers, more affectionately known as MAAD at its first flea market of the year 2010, 'Making Things Happen'. There, fun and exciting activities are just waiting for you to happen.

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PageOne Warehouse Sale: Dec 2009

Paradigm Infinitum Games

Paradigm Infinitum Games is the must-visit shop for gamers of all kinds - miniature war games, role-playing games, miniature models and accessories for games, specialty dice, board games and even related books.

Besides being home to one of the biggest role-playing and miniature war games community in Singapore, it also houses several board games for family bonding and parties as well as supplies them to the few board games cafes here. Its collection includes board games that are harder to find elsewhere such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Cranium.

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Sherlock Holmes

Out in cinemas over the Christmas weekend, Sherlock Holmes is a treat for detective novel lovers as well as big Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law fans. The Story's based on Arthur Conan Doyle's: Sherlock Holmes.

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I Not Stupid

I Not Stupid, directed by comedy actor turned director Jack Neo in 2002, was inspired by the critically acclaimed Iranian film, 'Children of Heaven'. In his film, he seeks to address issues of social stigma, specifically the branding of students into various streams academically at the tender age of ten as well as how adherence to authorities is emphasized over self in school.

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