Xin Yuan Ji

One of the greatest challenges of work life is finding good and cheap lunch deals, especially for most freshgrads with unfortunate paychecks. But lucky for those who work around the Bugis area, they have Xin Yuan Ji, where they can find good zi char and sliced fish noodles at reasonable prices.

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Sinema Social Film Festival: Films For Change

Ongoing to 1 October 2009

In a world festered problems, environmental, social, political and many others, filmmakers seek to use their creative work as a platform to create awareness to such issues. And what better way to herald change in Singaporeans than through one of Singaporeans' favourite mediums, the theatre?

The Sinema Social Film Festival begins symbolically on 09/09/09 (call 999 for police) as a call for help and sounding the alarm for change in the world.

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"Earthlings" is an award-winning documentary on the suffering and death of animals for our food, entertainment, medical research and as pets. Through several sensitive footages of actual going ons in slaughterhouses, animal shelters, puppy mills, factory farms, leather and fur trades, circuses, research labs and more, the film does an in-depth study on humanity's cruelty and dependence on animals. All which are hardly ever looked in by the public.

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Baba Bling: The Peranakans and Their Jewellery

Ongoing till 13 December

The Exhibition

The Peranakans are known for their unique - a fusion of sorts - costumes, jewellery and traditions such as their elaborate weddings and Chinese New Year. Since the 90s, exquisite Peranakan jewellery has been an important part of their traditions and a symbol of wealth and status. Baba Bling celebrates their culture and love for jewellery with over 300 pieces of exquisite jewellery and heirlooms from Perankan families and private collectors, both local and abroad, in this exhibition. Also, visitors will learn how their traditional jewellery were made from the various tools used and the changing styles of its craftsmen.

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