"Earthlings" is an award-winning documentary on the suffering and death of animals for our food, entertainment, medical research and as pets. Through several sensitive footages of actual going ons in slaughterhouses, animal shelters, puppy mills, factory farms, leather and fur trades, circuses, research labs and more, the film does an in-depth study on humanity's cruelty and dependence on animals. All which are hardly ever looked in by the public.

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Baba Bling: The Peranakans and Their Jewellery

Ongoing till 13 December

The Exhibition

The Peranakans are known for their unique - a fusion of sorts - costumes, jewellery and traditions such as their elaborate weddings and Chinese New Year. Since the 90s, exquisite Peranakan jewellery has been an important part of their traditions and a symbol of wealth and status. Baba Bling celebrates their culture and love for jewellery with over 300 pieces of exquisite jewellery and heirlooms from Perankan families and private collectors, both local and abroad, in this exhibition. Also, visitors will learn how their traditional jewellery were made from the various tools used and the changing styles of its craftsmen.

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The White Tiger

By Aravind Adiga
S$13 from Popular (title on 20% discount, while stocks last)

Aravind Adiga's debut novel, "The White Tiger", is a story of self-made, successful entrepreneur, Balram Halwai, and his many other identities set in the background of India's developing technology industry. He is an exemplar of darkness emerging into the light; the poor triumphing in life by the sweat of his brow and some street-wise intelligence.

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The Time Traveler's Wife

Based on a 2004 best-selling novel of love transcending time by Audrey Niffenegger, "The Time Traveler's Wife" is a tale of Henry (Eric Bana), an involuntary time traveler with a rare genetic anomaly that sends him to and fro times and spaces in his life. Each time leaving his clothes behind and hence, having to run for his life at where he ends up at. Despite the inconveniences that comes with Henry's disappearing acts, his love interest, Clare (Rachel McAdams) seeks a marriage with Henry.

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Set in the future, Gamer is about a society not long from now where humans control humans. The perfect "Sims" experience. Where people get paid to be controlled, and people pay to control. Kable (Gerard Butler) stars as an inmate on death row. He is part of a virtual reality game where he is controlled by a player. Survive 30 games, and he goes free. Ken Castles (Michael C. Hall), the creater of "Slayers", the game that Kable is part of, serves to entertain and is also a driving force of the economy.

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