The Optimism Option

The_Optimism_OptionDon't waste the time whining, complaining or feeling down all day. Keep that chin up and be optimistic instead for it will get more accomplished than being pessimistic. Focus on the good and achieve even greater things in your career and life!

Remember Good Times

List down your accomplishments, both work and personal life, and regardless if they are as valued by society or your peers. Give yourself a pat on the back for these achievements and recognise that they are steps towards even greater success in the future.

No Bad Words

Retain memories of the good times (see above) and throw out any bad thoughts immediately. Bad words like "bad", "lousy", "stupid" should be avoided. Use encouraging words like "awesome" and "great job". You will slowly see the change in the attitude as well!

Make the Choice

Adopting a positive attitude should be a conscious choice as much as possible. In fact, it pays to make it clear in your life. Leave simple, straightforward notes of encouragement like "Isn't that wonderful?" or your goal like "To master cooking for two" all around your home. Plaster images of success all around it.

Also, make mental notes to take joy in whatever situation you are in. Didn't achieve as well as you expected? Remind yourself practice makes perfect. Failed due to mistakes? Be glad to have learnt something new each day and not repeat the mistakes again.


Look out for things to laugh at. A comedy, a joke or discreetly giggle at that oddly dressed lady in the train. Laughter reminds people not to take things too seriously at times and keep the spirits up. You can also create laughter or smiles with a kind act or two, or dress funny to liven things up a little for your neighbour colleague!

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