Mirror, Mirror On The Wall



Look into the mirror, what do you see?
An exact copy of yourself staring right back at you. You notice all the little imperfections in that face, that figure in the mirror. That figure notices it too. It is a face, a body you know so well, more so than anyone else. Behind the facade and the outer appearance, you notice the underlying aspects too. Things that everyone else will not be able to see, but you staring into the eyes of your reflection can see it all too well.
Behind the face looking back at you, you see the things hidden from the world; dark secrets, pain, regret, hardship, fear, sorrow, and anger. Masked memories so clearly revealed only to you. Then you see a flicker of the brighter side of the reflection; happiness, bliss, joy, and love.
Embrace the flow of past grievances and happiness. Because that is what makes the person staring back at you. The hint of a wrinkle in between your eyebrows and the subtle laugh lines shows a map to everything you have ever experienced in your life.
The person staring back at you in the mirror will fight the world with you even when everyone else turn their backs on you. That same person in the mirror is also the perfect person to challenge if you want to better yourself, every single goal you accomplish, your reflection does too, so you keep fighting the good fight against him and you will find that someday, you and your reflection have made it to the top together.
Look into the mirror and give the person you see looking back at you a thumbs-up, for that person you see in the mirror is amazing.
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