What Are You Meant To Do With Your Life?

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Do you ever wonder, “What on earth am I here for?”

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at various things, and each time you’ve felt engaged for a while but eventually you lose interest and boredom sets in.

That’s exactly what one of my clients was going through. He wanted to go back to college and complete a major once and for all, but he couldn’t figure out what his passion was. But he attempted to go back to college on several occasions but never completed more than a semester or two.

Are you going through a similar situation? If you’ve tried many things to no great success, then here’s what you need to know.

First of all, you are closer towards your answer than you think.

You know what you are inclined towards, and I'm sure that you've got a pretty good idea as to what you aren't passionate about as well, which would be the things that you've tried but didn't like in the past.

I strongly recommend finding your passion first, before choosing the best outlet for your passion. The best way that I've found to discover what your passion is a combination of getting to know yourself and exposing yourself to new situations.

Passion is all about who you are and what you're wired to do, and if you don't know your passion then it's wise to ask yourself some specific questions to gather some clues.

Here are 6 ‘What’s that help you find your passion.

1.    What is it that you really enjoy about the activities that you love and the topics that you’re interested in?

2.    What is it about them that really engages you?

3.    What takes up the bulk of your time and attention?

4.    What is it about those things that you enjoy?

5.    What you don't enjoy about what you are doing right now?

6.    What is it that you enjoyed, and didn't enjoy about the majors that you've taken in the past?

Gather all these answers together and come up with a list of things that you haven't tried yet based on them. Then devote a good part of your time to read up, experiment and experience these activities. Each time you try a new activity, use the questions I shared to analyze your experiences and come up with new ideas and activities to try.
As you go through this process, you will be able to find your passion, and more importantly you'll truly know yourself and broaden your horizons in the process. Then, I believe you'll have a clear idea of what to do with your life.

About The Author: Thad Bong, better known as The Passion Life Coach, serves thousands of people all over the world in the area of passion and personal growth. His purpose in life is to help others to find their passion, and to turn their dreams into a reality, in their way. This is what he devotes himself to with a passion. For more information, you can visit http://www.passionlifecoach.com.

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