Be Yourself with Confidence

If you are constantly trying to be someone else to fit in and be liked just because you’re afraid that no one will like you for who you are, then it’s time to stop and learn the secret of expressing yourself with confidence.

I recently helped a young man with his self-confidence issues. He was a real talent in many different areas, and had a level of reasoning above many of his peers. Because of his uniqueness, he struggled to fit in with most people his age and felt that he needed to hide who he was to gain acceptance.

Hence, I firmly believe that you do not have to be anyone but yourself to be a success in life. If you are not being yourself because you are afraid that people may reject you, or you are desperately seeking the ability to be confident and be yourself at the same time, then here’s how to express the real you with confidence instead.

First, you have got to recognize that who you are is not a problem at all. You like what you like, and that makes you unique. This world needs more people who are expressing themselves as they are meant to.

You are not weird just because you have different interests from the people that you associate with. You just haven't found a group of like-minded people who share your passion.

And believe me, there are many, many people out there who do share your passion. With the advent of the online world, there are so many communities and groups out there who will share your passion.”

Do a Google search for "(your passion) + forum", or hop on to Facebook and join a group, or do a search on Twitter and find people who share your passions and start a conversation with them; get involved in online discussions on forums and share your passion with them. You can even engage in Yahoo Answers and help the beginners in your field.

As for the people around you, I encourage you not to hide your passion. You don't need to pretend to be anyone other than who you are, and you should take it a step further and be CONFIDENT about who you are.

Believe that it's the best thing in the whole world that you're being you, because really it is. Not many people have the courage, and the originality to pull it off. And by being open and upfront about your passion, you might put off a lot of people, BUT you'll also attract a lot more people who share your passion as well.

Start seeing yourself as the wonderfully unique person that you are and believe it or not, before you know it, you'll have people believing in you as well.

About The Author: Thad Bong, better known as The Passion Life Coach, serves thousands of people all over the world in the area of passion and personal growth. His purpose in life is to help others to find their passion, and to turn their dreams into a reality, in their way. This is what he devotes himself to with a passion. For more information, you can visit

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