The Regret Sack

The Regret Sack
Superficial regrets. Deep regrets. Secret regrets. Dark regrets.

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Story Of Your Life

Story Of Your Life
Today, we bring to you: You.

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The Optimism Option

The_Optimism_OptionDon't waste the time whining, complaining or feeling down all day. Keep that chin up and be optimistic instead for it will get more accomplished than being pessimistic. Focus on the good and achieve even greater things in your career and life!

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Are You A Winner Or Just A Finisher?

When I am not writing, coaching or speaking, I love playing games. I really look forward to my board game nights, so if you’re wondering what I do for fun, this is it!

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Muhammad Yunus at Duke University

Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus gave an inspirational commencement speech on how one can do good and at the same time make money at Duke University's graduation ceremony this year.

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