Relax, my dear

Relax_my_DearOf late, a few incidents have brought the impatience of fellow Singaporeans to my attention. First was a shoving incident on the public transport, and another an unreasonable hissing incident on foot – at the Botanical Gardens.

Accustomed to the hustle and bustle of Singapore, we often feel like we have to rush to and fro at top speed or lose out in the race of time. We take lunch at top speed, speak quickly and get annoyed at those who block our path with their snail pace.

We think that by moving along fast, we can do more. After all, time is money, isn't it? But what we may not notice is that this might just be a case that less is more.

In this impatient mode, our brain perceive every waiting second lost and wasted. And this, in turn, causes us much stress and unhappiness. In serious cases, this could cause heart attacks and, in other cases, it could contribute to bad decisions made. It could even cause you a few friends when your irritability is obvious.

Don't miss out on the present! It's not called the present for nothing. If you are constantly rushing to finish this task or that with the greatest efficiency, you may end up losing those precious spontaneous moments such as a random heart-to-heart conversation with your good friend. Life is not a means to an end but a process we should truly enjoy.

You may think: "But everyone's rushing too!" Motion doesn't equate to productivity; don't get lost in the motion. Instead of making the best choice, one that you will be happiest with, following the herd mentality may have you react in a copycat manner rather than a well-thought choice.

Impatience often leads to irritability, which in turn leads to anger. And no one likes to hang out with an angry person.

There's this common saying among the army boys: "We wait to hurry, we hurry to wait." If there is no real reason to rush, why be a kan cheong spider and hurry? Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the natural pace of life!

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