Meet Star Search 2nd Runner-up Adeline Lim

We caught up with recent Star Search 2010's second runner-up, 22-year-old Adeline Lim Chan Yin, to find out more about her dazzling new career path. The accountancy graduate from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, is the only homegrown winner at the awards.

1. Congratulations on your win in the Star Search! How do you feel about winning?

Thank you! Well, I was very happy to be in the Top 10 and to be able to go further and come out as the 2nd runner-up, I am more than satisfied.

2. Who or what inspired you to join the Star Search? Have you always dreamt of becoming an actress or a singer?

I have never thought that I will be in a competition like Star Search. My family and relatives were quite surprised to see me there as I was always the quiet(er) girl during gatherings.

I joined Star Search on a whim. There was a period of free time after I graduated and I saw the advertisement for the audition. I decided to try it out and here I am now.

3. Were you confident then? Why so?

Nope. I was merely trying my luck and when I was eventually called up to inform me that I was in the Top 20, my initial thought was if that could be a prank. Haha.

4. How has life changed for you after the Star Search?

I have gained so much from this experience. Before, I was quite set on my path - I read Accountancy in NTU (Nanyang Business School) and my path as an auditor was pretty much laid out for me. But it was through this competition that I realised I enjoy performing very much. I love the adrenaline rush every time I perform, be it in dance or drama. When I am on stage, my objective is to enjoy myself and I also hope to deliver that enthusiasm to the audience.

I am very happy to be given the opportunity to join Mediacorp's large family. I believe I will have a very enjoyable time doing the things I like. It's a continuous learning journey!

5. What have you learnt?

Superficially, I have picked up lots of grooming and styling tips from the team of stylists, hairstylists, designers and the list goes on.

Most enriching would be the times I spent with my foreigner friends from Star Search, exposing me to so many different cultures. I am the kind of person who goes on a holiday and start to miss my home in the first night so my trips are usually not long enough for me to experience much. So I am glad that through this competition, I have gained a broader perspective of things.

6. Would you encourage other fresh graduates to join the Star Search? Why?

Follow your heart. If your heart tells you to give it a shot, then do it. Regardless the outcome, at least you know you tried, and you will not have any "what if's" or regrets.

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