Xiaxue's Baby Boy: Dashiel Marquet Sayre

Singapore's celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng, better known by her online alias as Xiaxue, gave birth to a baby boy on 31st March 2013 at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Her birthing process was filmed by Clicknetwork, (video can be found at the bottom of this page) a local production company. She was accompanied by her husband, Mike Sayre in the delivery room where she underwent an elective Caesarean Section with epidural.

Baby Dashiel Marquet Sayre weighed in at a healthy 3.25kg, and has already earned his mummy $25,000 worth of sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Shortly after her birth, Xiaxue wrote on her facebook: “I am so filled with love and happiness right now I feel like I can explode. Truly, the best day of my life... Shared with everyone I love being so happy for me too. Nothing, nothing can beat today. Thank you Dashiel Marquet Sayre for being so perfect... Mommy and daddy love you!!!”


She has also commented that baby Dashiel’s eyes which she initially thought to be black, are actually a “gorgeous stormy blue-grey with loads of flakes and patterns in the iris”.

Xiaxue has reassured viewers that since it is a C-section, the footage of the birth will be “tastefully filmed from the side so no worries u not gonna see a baby coming out of my nether regions lol”.

FreshGrads.sg sends our love and congratulations to the happy, new parents on their little bundle of joy.

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