Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Smiling_Tiger_Hidden_DragonMuch has been written about conflict as well as how to manage it but rarely are there any written from an Asian perspective – despite Asians being the world's largest and most populous continent. In "Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon", renowned mediator, speaker and author Dr John Ng shares a much-needed insight in managing conflict in the Asian context.

In this 320-page book, Dr Ng takes a 360 degree look at conflicts at home and at work with an Asian perspective. From examining conflicts – whether overt or covert – to managing conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow from, to recovering from conflict, he shares keen observations and insights that you will find yourself nodding to, as well as tips on how to tackle them in each chapter.

However, what particularly spoke to me was the topic of conflict recovery, an aspect often overlooked or neglected when discussing conflict management. In the later part of the book, Dr Ng highlights the importance of conflict recovery for the reasons of preventing personal emotional burn-out as well as future unhealthy relationships among others. To this end, he gives practical advice such as removing ourselves from the war zone for a moment of calm reflection.

On top of being an appointed mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Ministry of Law, Singapore, Dr John Ng is the President of Meta as well as the Honorary Chair of the Board of Governance for both Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre (EMCC) and Eagles Communications. The esteemed writer has also penned the books Dim Sum for Great Marriages, Dim Sum Leadership, Dim Sum for the Family and Dim Sum for Great Parenting.

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