Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Hong_Kong_Sheng_Kee_DessertsIn workplaces situated near malls, it is often tough to find lunch sets less than $10 per piece. So when we passed by Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert at NEX, we gave the place a try for its lunch sets at SGD6.90.


The SGD6.90 lunch set consists of a noodle main course, dessert of either almond, sesame or peanut paste as well as a side dish of either yam or carrot cake – great for the variety.

We ordered two sets: the BBQ pork set and the beef set. The pork was a bit too fatty though tender but the beef was bland and tough, a total disappointment and we gave up after a few bites. But stale and almost tasteless, the soup was the worst accompaniment of all.

Thankfully, the meal went uphill from here on. Both side dishes of yam and carrot cake were yummy though nothing impressive enough for us to pop in for a quick bite. On the other hand, we might pop in whenever we have the craving for some Hong Kong paste desserts as Sheng Kee's are tasty though they could be a tad less diluted – a sweet end to an average meal.


Diners will have to first place the order at the cashier before proceeding to seats of their choice. The decor of Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert is plain and, unlike other Hong Kong cafes, it does not have any memorabilia or hints of its Cantonese memories.

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