The Interview Expert

Following the success of his bestsellers, How to get a job you'll love and Job Interviews: Top Answers to touch questions, famous career expert John Lees shares precious tips and experience in his latest book The Interview Expert this year.

The coach and author, who has a wealth of experience with some of UK's hiring firms, packs to the brim ways and tips to maximise your interview time with and win the hearts of the hiring managers. He does this right from the top from preparation work and dressing to answering specific interviews as well as how to manage various interview situations including one-on-ones and panel settings.

One of the most practical advice he gave was highlighting the importance of self-awareness as well as the attitude and desire to improve with ever-changing times and job markets. This knowledge and natural confidence, he explains, helps during the interview, especially when dealing with unexpected questions.

Besides setting up firm John Lees Associates which provides one-on-one coaching for individuals with regard to their career choices and paths, John Lees also writes extensively with regular columns on papers or blogs like The Guardian, Metro and the Harvard Business Review Online.

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