Fixedure0Public transport seems to be failing us these days. Why not take this chance to do some exercise while helping to keep the environment clean? Stylish new bike shop Fixedure offers customizable fixed-gear bikes in your favorite colours and parts. 

The fixed-gear is a simple, most traditional sort of cycling – its wheels go round and round whenever the bike is in motion – and is great exercise for anyone, even the cycling pros. While some might hate it for its inability to lessen the difficulty of road obstacles or coast along, others love it for just that – overcoming the difficulty by pedaling harder and with greater determination.

And now that Fixedure makes riding fixed-gears fashionable by custom-making your favorite colours to the various parts of the bike such as the frame, saddle, chain, tyros and rims, we see no reason not to give this a try. Besides, as creator Shaymond Tan says – "We create. We are the mechanic. We do servicing. We do delivery. We are the designer", Fixedure is a one-stop stop for your fixed-gear fix. The friendly passionate people also dish out advice for free so pop down and take a look.

78 Haji Lane
Singapore 189270

Telephone (65) 9296 3484

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