Shanghai Tang

Shanghai_TangLooking for a classy oriental look other than a cheongsam for the upcoming festive season? With a wide variety of elegant Chinese-inspired pieces at Shanghai Tang, you will be able to find yourself more than just a few outfits.

Set up by Hong Kong businessman David Tang Wing Cheung in 1994, the fashion brand name has now expanded all over the world and are located in well-heeled areas in various countries all over the world including Bangkok, Beijing, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Macau. The local branch may be found at Takashimaya along Orchard road.

The luxury lifestyle brand aims to bring Chinese chic as well as its culture and craftsmanship onto the world stage with its wide range of vibrant tradition meets sophistication pieces for women, men or children for all occasions.

Fussy about the fitting of your outfit or worried having someone in the piece? Shanghai Tang has it taken care of. Following a makeover of its flagship store in Singapore, the outlet now offers "Imperial Tailoring", where Shanghainese master tailors will create made-to-measure pieces just for you. So head down today, and make or find yourself an outfit – just in time for the Chinese New Year too!

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