J Shoes

J_ShoesIt is often hard to find shoes with character that one may carry off for work but this is exactly where J Shoes, with its third outlet at CityLink Mall, fit in.

What's more, the latest shoe brand with humble origins, from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom, that has arrived in Singapore aims to produce shoes of cutting-edge design, with top quality materials and ever-meticulous craftsmanship – combining style and sensibilities. For one thing, J Shoes has a penchant for the leather products that are both classy and lasting, aging with grace and comfort.

Besides having outlets in Europe, United Kingdom and Asia including countries such as Malaysia, China, Thailand and Singapore, it has infiltrated the fashionable countries of Korea and Japan too. Now, local shoppers may find J Shoes at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard as well as its latest outlet at CityLink Mall.

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