Jog.fmLove jogging but dislike how mundane it gets after some time or distance? With, you may find music that would best accompany you as you exercise!

Whether you are running or cycling, listening to music can help you take your mind off the routine of putting one foot after another – especially helpful for long-distance activities.

Exploring helps you find songs you will enjoy and motivate you as you press on. Songs are tagged with different kilometers and BPM, and you should select one that matches your needs. You could search either by the distance you would like to run or the speed you would like to run at.

On top of that, you can create your own route accompanied by preferred tunes, and share it with your friends. Alternatively, you trawl through the website and listen to other people's playlists for inspiration to create your own or adapt for your own purpose.

Compiling songs and creating lists that you will look forward to hearing will not only make your regular exercise routine more fun but also something you will be looking forward to!

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