Dealer's Choice

When a group of men come together over a game of poker, it is often not just about a gambling game – there's bound to be laughter about love and life, and disagreements over everything else. And Dealer's Choice, starring popular local television personality, Adrian Pang, is a witty and genuine reflection of life and its characters.

For each and every member of the poker group, the game has a different meaning. For Stephen (Adrian Pang), it is all about power; for Sweeney (Daniel Jenkins), it is an escape from household woes; for Frankie (Keagan Kang), it's all about manliness; and so on… except for Carl (Julian Low), perhaps it's plainly an addiction. As the undercurrents of the relationships among them surfaces, things turn complicated and even becomes a matter of the survival of the fittest.

The 2.5-hour long Dealer's Choice directed by Tracie Pang opens 29 Sept to 16 Oct 2011, and tickets range from SGD35 to SGD65.

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