WWII Sex Hero: Man breaks out and back into Nazi POW camp for sex

This man conquered all odds during World War II where being held in a Nazi concentration camp and deprived of sex drove him to break out for a sexual tryst with his lover in a different camp, and then break back into his own camp for five years.


Horace Greasley was a 20-year-old hairdresser in Czechoslovakia when Hitler invaded his country and he was forced to enlist in the army. It turns out that the Nazis did not take too well to hairdressing soldiers as Horace was taken prisoner on his first mission and sent to a Prisoner-Of-War camp in Poland.


Most people in this situation would be extremely distraught and traumatized by all of the torturing and killing going on in concentration camps, the last thing on their mind would be to fulfil their sexual desires. However, this man was a lean mean sex machine and nothing was going to inhibit him from achieving his aim.


Contrary to popular belief, not all male hairdressers are gay. Remember ‘Don’t Mess With The Zohan’ where Adam Sandler managed to get into that hot Palestinian chick’s panties in the end? Horace and Rosa Rauchbach, the daughter of the quarry director of his labour camp, fell in love with each other and did the nasty for a year before Horace got transferred to another camp.




Horace decided that he was not going to let Hitler’s evil dictatorship and the Nazi bad guys prevent him from getting laid. With the help of a few bros, he tunnelled under the wire fence of the camp, and instead of legging it to the nearest neutral country and escaping the horrors of the German invasion once and for all, he strolled back to Rosa’s camp, had sex with her, and sauntered out again. He then snuck back into his camp as if nothing happened. This continued for five frickin' years, 3 times a week.


Either he must have been the master of break outs ever recorded in the world, or the Nazi guards were just absolutely terrible at their jobs. If it is the latter, it kind of makes you wonder why not many POWs escaped.


His constant stream of sexual escapades stopped after five years not from him getting caught, but from WWII coming to an end with Hitler committing suicide (I would have committed suicide too if I have been told that my toothbrush moustache made me look incredibly fearsome and masculine until I found out one day that it was just a practical joke played on me for years.)


Horace Greasley a.k.a. Legendary-Stealthy-Sex-God risked everything to satisfy his lust. It was without a doubt a really stupid idea, but the fact that he accomplished his banging missions without being discovered at all, and how much balls he had for actually carrying it out for five years begs respect and admiration. This could possibly go down in history to be one of the boldest, most dangerous sex regimens ever.

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