Man Punches Police Horse

Barry Rogerson, 45 was filmed punching a police horse during a football riot after Newcastle United’s match against Sunderland on April 14. He claimed that he panicked when the horse ‘charged’ towards him and was acting out in self-defence.


With a football scarf tied around the bottom half of his face, Rogerson was seen to have ran up to the horse, named Bud, and threw a punch at it. It seemed as though he was about to swing more punches at Bud before being tackled down to the ground by police officers.


Rogerson suggested that the medications he takes and the fact that he had been drinking heavily might have prompted his actions.


Despite claiming he is too sick to hold down a job, Rogerson, who is on disability benefits, went to the match – which his team Newcastle lost 3-0 – and drank five pints of beer before becoming involved in clashes with police. 




Rogerson, who was arrested after punching Bud, has been bailed until next month, claims that he threw the punch in ‘panic’, “It was an instant reaction. I did not actually go out to attack a horse. I’d like to apologise to the horse, to the mounted section and to the people of the North East.”


“I’m an animal lover. I’ve got three dogs, a fishpond out the back and I feed foxes across the road.”


Rogerson fears for his safety and is now afraid to go out into public after animal rights activists wrote angry criticisms about him on social media.




Bud is believed to be doing fine and did not sustain any physical injuries or psychological trauma because he is a horse. Horses are strong creatures that are able to take a weak human punch and do not develop psychological problems like pansy humans do.


This story reminds me of that one time I was on a vacation in New York and got so shit-faced drunk, I punched an innocent horse trotting towards me. Needless to say, I was mortified upon waking up the next morning and realizing what I have done, I penned a really long email apologizing profusely to Sarah Jessica Parker.


Check out the video below of the man throwing a punch at Bud. Poor Bud.


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