Will Work For Crack: Detroit Company Paid Employees In Cocaine

Crack Cocaine Rocks
A tire shop in Detroit, Michigan got into trouble with the law after they paid their employees in crack cocaine instead of paychecks.
Detroit’s WDIV News reported that a federal probe into an apparent counterfeiting scheme at Big C’s Tire Shop in the city’s Morningside neighbourhood led investigators to discover a slew of other crimes.
“Word on the street was the ‘C’ stood for ‘crack cocaine,’” WDIV’s Kevin Dietz reported.
Christopher Townes, owner of Big C, was approached by investigators last year and questioned for a counterfeiting scheme he was thought to be involved with. Townes admitted to paying people to make copies of their authentic United State Postal Service paychecks as part of an elaborate scheme that robbed the federal government of US$140,000. Townes also disclosed the strange payment plan he set for Big C’s employees.
Suspicion aroused in law enforcement officers after they tracked fake checks back to Big C, where a search of the auto garage turned up all kinds of counterfeit equipment such as  laser printers, computers, blank identification cards and check stock paper to make the fake notes. Townes then confessed to exploiting drug addiction for cheap labour.
Even after that horrible discovery of the unusual drug trafficking, investigators decided to drop the drug charges and only pursue the counterfeit check case claiming that the counterfeit case has a lot more substantial evidence and counterfeiting carries a heavier penalty if a guilty verdict is obtained.
Yeah because enslaving drug addicts with the allure of crack is not that much big of a deal. Who cares if a man draws the kids in with drugs, gets them hooked and ruins their lives forever right? I see that the federal agents definitely have got their priorities set straight.

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