Disney’s Subliminal Messages

Disney's Subliminal Messages
Walt Disney, one of the most talented man in all history and the person who brought to us the all-revered Disneyland has always been a fan of inside jokes and secret messages. After dying from lung cancer in 1966, Disney artists continued on his legacy with hidden images and subliminal messages inserted in the delightful animated movies that we have seen.
1. The Rescuers, 1977
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
In 1999, Disney announced a recall of video tapes of The Rescuers because a few scenes contained questionable images.  At the beginning of the film, as rodent protagonists Bianca and Bernard fly through the city in a sardine can, a photographic image of a topless woman can be seen at an open window of a building in the background with her breasts hanging out in all its naked glory.
2. The Little Mermaid, 1989
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
The phallic castle. The penis shaped tower was previously present on the front cover of the movie in older versions, it has since been changed to be a little more child-friendly.
3. Beauty and The Beast, 1991
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
Bestiality at its finest.
4. The Lion King, 1994
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
In the video cover of The Lion King, hidden in the lion’s face is the vague outline of a woman with her back towards you wearing a pair of panties.
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
As Simba exhaustedly flops down at the edge of a cliff, a cloud of dust rises into the air for a few frame which spells the word ‘SEX’. Simba sure is shagged as hell, probably from shagging Nala.
5. Tangled, 2010
Disney’s Subliminal Messages
Rapunzel does seem pretty pleased with it.
Just a little tidbit of information for anyone not familiar with subliminal messages; Subliminal messages do not just happen, they are created intentionally and it is actually considered quite a feat to produce them without being too obvious to viewers. Subliminal messages are not noticed consciously by viewers but are taken in subconsciously nonetheless.
Many people disagree with the input of Disney’s subliminal messages, unhappy with them exposing children to sex at such a tender age. I for one, reckon that there’s no harm done. Kids watching it might not have a clue to what sex is, and they are going to be exposed to sex anyway when they grow up. Parents can’t possibly hide the dirty secret of sex from their children forever, they have to stop coddling them one day. It’s only cause for concern if the secret messages subliminally advocate drugs, murder, torture, racism, Sarah-Jessica-Parkerism or anything else that can cause a potential threat.
What parents, do-gooders and self-righteous people should be focussing on instead is that Disney movies are outright lies. I love Disney movies, but I know how to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. The problem here is that kids don’t. You give them this perfect make-believe world of flawless princesses, heroic princes, magical castles, true love’s kiss and happily-ever-afters when the real world is such a stark contrast. Reality is harsh and cruel, there are no singing animals, no glittering castles, and the sooner they learn that, the better it is for them.

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