Barbie's Boobies

Growing Up Skipper Barbie
The makers of Barbie once came out with a doll called “Growing Up Skipper” who will grow an inch taller and a breast cup bigger when her arm is rotated.
In some sick and pervasive marketing scheme, the makers of Barbie decided that little girls would love playing with a doll whose breasts can inflate and deflate as and when they please by rotating the doll’s arm.
Mattel (Barbie manufacturers) came up with the character of Skipper after demands by Barbie fans flooded in requesting for a doll that Barbie can play a maternal figure to. Thus, Skipper Roberts was born! Skipper is Barbie’s younger sister whom she babysits and who will eventually pass through different stages of doll life to grow up to be as highly sexualized as her elder sister.
Original Skipper Doll Barbie
The original Skipper doll created in 1964 did not come along with a rotating arm that would enable her to grow out of her pre-pubescent stage in one second flat. Skipper was intended to be young enough for Barbie to baby sit, and when she was first released, her appearance matched her supposed tender age. While Barbie measured 11.5 inches tall, the original Skipper doll stood at a height of 9.25 inches. Skipper was flat chested and lacked Barbie’s well-endowed assets.
1975 marked the year where Skipper would grow out of her innocent and grow breasts in turn with “Growing Up Skipper”.
Skipper’s puberty phase did not just stop there. “Growing Up Skipper” was merely the beginning of the end for Skipper and her initial intended being.
Super Teen Skipper Barbie
By 1979, Skipper was known as “Super Teen Skipper” where her breasts do not inflate and deflate at will anymore. She came with small permanent breasts and her face lost its childish roundness. 
Hot Stuff Skipper
In 1985, Mattel reintroduced Skipper as “Hot Stuff Skipper” which makes it really weird and creepy when you take into account that Skipper is still supposed to be in her preteens.
Teen Fun Skipper
“Teen Fun Skipper” preceded “Hot Stuff Skipper” in 1988 where she now appears to be of 13 – 15 years of age. She was taller, had bigger boobies and a more flexible waist.
Teen Skipper
Skipper blossomed in 1997 where “Teen Skipper” showed off her curvaceous figure similar to Barbie’s. 
Barbie and Skipper
While Skipper was busy growing up, Barbie did not seem to age a day. Skipper has grown up to be as unrealistically built and flawlessly perfect as Barbie who is surprisingly and illogically the same age as her sister. Well now they can attend fraternity parties and turn guys on with the whole lesbian-twins thing they got going on.

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