The Human Carpet

The Human Carpet
Georgio T. discovered his true calling when he was just a wee little lad. While some children dream of becoming scientists or astronauts, he aspired to have people walk all over him, literally. He wanted to become a professional carpet.
For the past 15 years, Georgio has been steadily creating a reputation for himself as the Human Carpet. He insists that his pursuit is not a money-making stunt and that he gets genuine pleasure out of it. “It’s my fun,” he said. “People are paying me to have fun.”
Georgio T. Is a 52-year-old immigrant from Malta. In an interview with the New York Times, he recounted that when he was a child, he would love lying flat on the floor, placing weights on his body and having his cats walk over him. His mother would walk into him role-playing as a carpet and say, “Georgio, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble when you grow up”. But his mother’s disapproval did not stop him from fulfilling his dream.
The Human Carpet
Nowadays, Georgio is a familiar sight around New York’s bar and club scene, and sometimes at sexual fetish parties. He makes an appearance for a standard rate of about US$200 per session and accepts tips from the merrymakers who find it a delight to stand on him.
Standing is not the only thing people do to Georgio. People will dance and jump on him for hours but he does not mind at all. In fact, he relishes it. He would be particularly happy if the people who stepped on him are women in stiletto heels.
“The more people who pile on, the better,” Georgio said. “The higher they jump, the better.”
The Human Carpet
Georgio has never been injured before in all the years of him working as a professional carpet even though the heaviest person who stepped on him was a 177kg man. He also holds the record for having ten women standing on him at the same time. The longest continuous time of him working as a carpet was 11 hours with no breaks in between.
Georgio lives a double life. By day, he is a massage therapist in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and when dusk falls, he takes up the mantle of the Human Carpet in New York City. He brings along his specially sewn carpet for events. The edges of his carpet are sewn together to form a cylindrical shape, allowing him to slip into it like a dress. He would then lay a thin layer of protective padding on his chest and proceed to flop down to the floor where he would remain motionless the whole night enjoying his dose of stilettos.
As mad as it is, being a carpet has always been Gerogio’s dream career and he didn’t give up on it despite knowing that his ambition is just plain insane. He persevered and never lost hope and eventually his hard work paid off. Now he can do what he enjoys doing most... subjecting himself to derogatory by being a carpet for people to trample all over on.
Information Source: The New York Times

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