War!: Attack Animals

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Since the dawn of time, mankind has always waged war amongst themselves. And it’s all hunky-dory if they want to rip each other from limb to limb, but sometimes they get innocent animals to do the dirty work and fight their battles for them so that they will not have to risk their lives.
1. War Pigs
war pigs
The oldest, most basic use of animals in warfare is to simply starve them for days and then release the ravenous beasts upon the enemy. Pigs are typically used in this method as they're easily directed and will eat almost anything when they are hungry, including humans. In the 3rd century BC, the Romans would set loose fairly loud squealing pigs upon the Phyrrus’ elephants which will stampede their own troops. The Romans have even gone to the extent of setting the pigs on fire before unleashing the squealing, fiery animals upon their enemies.
2. Elephant Cavalry
war elephants
Elephants were one of the most popular animals to be used during war for their sturdiness, size, and strength. Everyone from Siam to Greece used them in fighting their ancient wars. They were used all the way up to the end of the 19th century. They acted as mobile command centers and artillery mounts. Rifles, cannons, gatling guns and all other sorts of weapons were perched on their back to fire into the enemy.
3. Bat Bombs
bat bombs project xray
The Americans were responsible for coming up with this experimental cruel weapon in WWII.The concept was to attach small, timed incendiary devices to colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats, pack them in crates and then dropped over Japan from a bomber at dawn. The crates would deploy a parachute in mid-drop and open to release the bats which would then take up roost in eaves and attics, then they go KABOOM and hopefully start fires in inaccessible places like the wood and paper construction sites. It was dubbed “Project X-ray”, and 30 tests were run to the demise of millions of bats, one which involved the bats exploding and burning down a hangar and a commanding officer’s car.
4. Cyborg Beetles
cyborg beetles
Cyborg beetles have just recently been developed as a new breed of military drone. Dubbed MAVSs (micro-air-vehicles), they are perfect instruments to be set loose on surveillance targets as no one would suspect that a harmless little insect is spying on them. They are equipped with video and audio equipment and are controlled by a circuit. The best part of it is that it never runs out of batteries! Since the beetles are living organisms, the beating of their wings act as a source of energy for the equipment.
5. Rat Mine Sniffers
rat mine sniff
The much feared rodent renders its assistance to humans despite us constantly hating on them and subjecting them to disease-related prejudice. Trained rats risk their lives every day sniffing out mines for the safety of humans and here we are shrieking at the top of our lungs whenever we encounter one. Shame on you humans!
6. Fear-smelling Gerbils
cute gerbil
When people say that certain animals can smell fear, it is actually true. Gerbils were once used by the MI5 as fuzzy, little fear-smelling agents. They can smell if you are scared or pumped up on adrenaline. They were meant to help detect terrorists, weapon smugglers and drug traffickers at airports but the program was subsequently scrapped because the gerbils were not able to differentiate between terrorists and people who simply have a fear of flying.
7. Private Wojtek
private wojtek soldier bear
Wojtek was found as a Syrian brown bear cub in Iran and adopted by Polish soldiers. He grew up in a bad influence of rowdy soldiers and started drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. He was then officially drafted into the Polish Army and earned the rank of a Private, which is pretty good for a bear I guess. Despite being a bear capable of tearing humans apart with his bare hands, he was never allowed into combat out of concern for his safety and instead, helped his fellow army mates by transporting ammunition - never once dropping a single crate. After WWII, Private Wojtek was relieved of his duties and spent the rest of his life at the Edinburgh Zoo. Well at least there is one happy ending for an animal used in warfare. Sort of.
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Information Source: Dvice

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